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Book Reviews
S.G. Cardin
Friday, 8 May 2009
Where has the time gone?
Mood:  caffeinated
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Topic: Life

It's been a busy week. Writing wise, I'm been working hard on my edits for my WIP, "The Hungarian," a paranormal romance and I'm about 1/2 done.  I'm very pleased with the edits and as soon as I'm done I'll be ready to query. However, Jillian Hunter's Boscastle series has been a distraction.  I've really become engrossed with it.  It's a romance series, but I'm impressed with Hunter's writing. I picked up "The Wicked Games of a Gentleman" on a lark and I was hooked.  Over the course of the next couple of blog entries, I'll share my  Reviews on the series at the end of the entry.

I've also just finished putting together my next Angel Army Newsletter on WDC and my Official Newsletter.  My official newsletter has some good stuff. If you get a chance, check out BookEnds Literary Agency & Blog online.  The agents there are Jessica Faust, Jacky Sach, and Kim Lionetti and their blog is a great tool for aspiring writers who are looking to query.  Just the other day Jessica lamented that one author sent her a query on a project over 20 times from 20 different emails, after she passed on it.  Poor thing!  What amazes me is how ignorant some people can be when they are querying.  That ignorance, laced with a touch of arrogance will never get them an agent.


As usual, we've been busy at the house. I'm looking into gymnastics programs for Joe to help channel his enegry. I'm trying to listen to Breaking Dawn on Audio book on my way to work, but it's been hard because while I think the reader embodies, Bella, the tone tends to grate on my nerves and I can only listen in doses.

I'm also a little disappointed to hear Manny Ramierz was taking HcG, a female hormone that stimulates the natural production of testorone in the male body.  You take after you come off steriods.  Steriods STOPS the natural production of testosterone in the male body so when you come off, you have to take HcG to jumpstart your body into stimulating testosterone use. It's sad, really. It can also be taken for thyroid problems, and I'd like to think that was why Manny took it, being the optimist that I am, but I need to be real here. Steroids is a problem in baseball.  Manny on steriods is not a stretch for me. I'm disappointed, but I am impressed with how Manny has handled it, taking responsibility and taking his suspension.

Just some miscellenous thoughts

LISTENING TO: Nothing really - Sirius XM Radio.
READING: Guilty as Sin by Jillian Hunter
DVD: Last one I saw was BOTTLE SHOCK
MOVIE:  Brent and I are going to movies on Monday! I think we'll see Star Trek, but we'll have to go in shifts because of the kids.  I also want to see Wolverine, but we'll have to see how that goes.
MOTHER'S DAY:  I just want to hang out and BBQ, but we'll playing it by ear.

Smiles, Steph



Book Review for “The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman”

Written by: Jillian Hunter

Ballantine Books

ISBN 0-345-48761-3340

340 pages


4 Stars 

Hunter weaves a masterful tale of seduction and passion in “The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman.” Devon Boscastle is a rakehell who has no desire to settle down and find a wife – until he’s forced into a marriage of convenience with a young debutante, Jocelyn Lydbury. For Devon, there’s nothing as passionate or as sexy than falling in love with his own wife! 


The novel opens with Devon attending a social party in Essex. Several games and events are planned, and the party is scheduled to last a week. At the party he encounters a young debutante, Jocelyn Lydbury. Four years ago her father invited Devon to dinner to meet her and Devon stood her up. After all, he has no desire to get married. Devon trades barbs with Jocelyn and finds her to be enchanting. Later that night, Devon and Jocelyn each receive letters to meet in the castle’s tower – masked. While masked, they share an intimate embrace. It’s then they realize who each other, are and that they didn’t write the letters that lured them to the tower. Too late – Jocelyn’s father, a tyrant of a man, finds the couple in a compromising position and insists they marry. 

Devon does the right thing and agrees. Despite himself, Jocelyn has made a dent in his carefully constructed armor. She’s sweet and demur. His heart goes out to her when he discovers how her father has mistreated her. He also finds her inexperience appealing. Throughout the novel, Both Devon and Jocelyn are harassed by minor incidents which are meant to make them look bad, but both rise above the incidents. Devon tries to identify the culprit, but to no avail. Devon takes his new bride to his house. Their lovemaking is passionate and intense. Devon vows not to take a lover, but it’s hard for him to give up his night owl ways. He spends long hours out of the house, consorting with friends, not really getting to know his wife. Jocelyn is hurt. 


Chloe, Devon’s sister, takes Jocelyn out to the park where several young men flirt with her. Devon watches the scene unfold, jealously flaming his disposition. When he discovers his cousin, Gabriel Boscastle, talking to Jocelyn late at night, it’s the last straw for his jealousy. He takes his wife to bed and thoroughly makes love to her. He stops going out with his friends, spending more time with Jocelyn. Still, he’s reluctant to admit to himself that he’s falling in love with her. Devon’s brother, Grayson, arranges a party for him and Jocelyn. While at the party, Jane, Grayson’s wife, deduces Jocelyn is pregnant. While Jocelyn is in the nursery, she’s kidnapped by a man who hates Devon, Matthew Thurlew. Devon leaves the party to find out who has been harassing him.  He discovers it was Thurlew who wrote the letters to him and Jocelyn luring them to the tower. Thurlew hoped the incident would disgrace Devon.  When Devon realizes Thurlew is at the party he races back to save Jocelyn. Devon shoots Thurlew. Then he takes Jocelyn home where he admits he loves her. 

 This is the fifth in the Boscastle romance series, and I’ve enjoyed all the novels so far.  I didn’t think I would like this one as much as the previous ones because Devon seems so self-absorbed in the others, but this one really highlighted the complexities of his character. Devon was very likable and romantic. The novel is fast paced and moves quickly. The plot is credible, but there were a couple of holes. Devon and Jocelyn are interesting, but I would have liked to have seen more “bonding” scenes between the couple, especially regarding how Jocelyn’s family treats her.  I was also surprised to see that Jocelyn’s father, who insisted on the wedding, wasn’t there.  The last “hole” in the plot, is making Thurlew the instigator of the harassing incidents between the couple. It would have made more sense to have Jocelyn’s brother write the notes and be the harasser of the incidents. Not only that, it would have been good fuel for more bonding scenes between Jocelyn and Devon.  The supporting cast is engaging and interesting. Hunter’s love scenes are passionate, yet tasteful; erotic and sensual. The scene where Devon makes love to Jocelyn after finding her with Gabriel is especially erotic and powerful. It’s not just a sex scene, but it’s Devon giving into the love he’s found with Jocelyn. 


 “The Sinful Nights of a Nobleman,” is a romance that will keep the reader turning the page.


Posted by sgcardin at 12:25 PM
Updated: Friday, 8 May 2009 12:26 PM
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